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Counselling support in the workplace

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How I can help


Managing stress and anxiety

Recent statistics state that one in seven of us experience anxiety about the work week ahead, resulting in the dreaded 'Sunday blues' along with reduced productivity and output in the workplace.  Unfortunately anxiety plays a large part in modern day life, both in work and outside of it.  Counselling is extremely effective in helping you better cope with pressure in the workplace and therefore, significantly reducing stress levels.  Your employees would have the opportunity to bring any issues, personal or work, to a confidential and safe place in order to explore what is going on for them and be supported in working how they may be able to deal with their situation


Employee Wellbeing

Sometimes our personal issues can affect our lives so much that they start to have a major impact on many areas of our lives.  Our work, our relationships, even our health can start to really suffer as a result.  This can lead to feeling unable to cope with everything that is going on in our lives.  In this fast paced world, we sometimes don't feel we have the time to stop and address these issues and therefore they almost become a normal part of every day life.  This need not be the case.  Providing counselling for your employees can greatly improve their individual wellbeing and self esteem, in turn, increasing their ability to cope with the issues affecting them.  Thus making for a happier workforce!

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Crisis management

Sometimes things can feel like they get very bad, very quickly and we can feel like we are in crisis.  When this happens, often we completely shut down and feel like we can't do anything at all.  Waiting times for counselling vary greatly but sometimes 

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